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Choose from a wonderful tasty selection of Apple Butter Cake, Kentucky Punch or Lemon Pound Cake!  


Bradley's brings your palate a wholesome cake, spice, and fruit vibrance to your all day vape. Apple Butter Cake features a delicious sweet apple, cinnamon blend, cream blend & cake batter. 


Brand new Lemon Pound Cake is simply irresistable with a phenomenal cakey base toppled with a lovely twist of lemon. My personal favorite.


Just sit right back and indulge in this tropical flavor adventure. The zing of pineapple comes together with the sweetness of cantaloupe and honeydew to whisk you away to a tropical island paradise. Lose yourself in an oasis of pleasure with 3 Hour Tour.


Bradley's CBD E-Liquid

  • Pure CBD Isolate Concentrate, 80% Vegetable Glycerin, 20% Propylene Glycols, Natural and artificial flavoring

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